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Why Use ChallengeFuel & WebinarFuel?

  • In App Viewing: Fully customized Challenge Room for your attendees to communicate in during the event. This allows for maximum virility and engagement throughout your challenge plus it always feels live since it's in our downloadable software application which functions just like Zoom.
  • Stream To Facebook: You can easily stream your challenge to Facebook Groups through our integration. This allows you to playback your challenge in both the Facebook Group and the application just like a live challenge.
  • Sell VIP Access: We allow you to "VIP Gate" so you can sell a VIP session after the main session or only allow VIP buyers to attend in the app and not the Facebook Group. You can completely handle and track all VIP sales and access right inside ChallengeFuel.
  • Registration Database: We save all your registrant data in your account so you can easily create segments, know your best attendee's and reach out to people who were close to buying!
  • Automations: Nobody else does this! We allow you to create an insane amount of automations to create more conversions. Here's a quick example of how it works. You can create an automation that says "Wait 30 min after the challenge session ends, and if someone has seen the CTA, but did not buy - send them an SMS message to book a call with your team".  Think about how powerful that is for conversions!
  • Dynamic Registration Widgets: Nobody does the registration widgets like we do! You can easily create multi-step registration widgets, which have proven to generate over 10% additional leads with the click of a button. You can even split test registration widgets to find the one that gets you the most registrations!
  • Your Challenges Actually AutoPlay: Did you know that all other "automated" software requires your attendees to press play to start the session? This completely removes the real and live experience from your event. ChallengeFuel automatically plays your video with sound the second someone attends!
Money Back Guarantee
Privacy Guaranteed
100% Secure Information
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